CXD-202-1 Citrix XenDesktop 5 Administration

Print kursus This course provides the foundation necessary for administrators to effectively centralize and manage desktops in the datacenter and deliver them as a service to users anywhere. Students will learn how to select a desktop delivery model for each user group based on their needs, build proof-of-concept and production XenDesktop environme

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This course is designed for IT professionals, such as server, network and system administrators, system engineers, analysts, consultants, architects Citrix Partner Network members.


Kursusindhold Praktiske oplysninger

Before taking this course, Citrix recommends that students have the following:

  •  A basic knowledge of the purpose and goals of virtualization technology
  •  An understanding of computing architecture, including network and storage devices, device drivers and operating systems
  •  Basic experience installing and administering Windows Server 2008 R2
  •  Basic understanding of server, desktop and application virtualization concepts

Course Objectives

This course is offered as an instructor-led course and can include virtual labs or classroom discussion, as well as demonstrations and the practical application of concepts through hands-on exercises.
Upon completion of this course, students are able to:

  • Determine the best Flexcast delivery model for each user group.
  • Build a XenDesktop proof-of-concept environment.
  • Configure a XenServer host for desktop delivery.
  • Build and configure a production XenDesktop site.
  • Manage virtual desktops as a single entity by creating a desktop catalog.
  • Modify a desktop image without impacting user productivity.
  • Restrict or allow certain XenDesktop features using policies.
  • Monitor site activity and troubleshoot issues in Desktop Director.
  • Install and configure Provisioning services.
  • Copy a desktop image to a virtual disk that can be streamed to virtual and physical target devices.
  • Identify the XenClient infrastructure.
  • Install and configure Synchronizer for XenClient.

Course Outline

Provided is the outline for CXS-202-1:

  • Provided is the outline for CXD-202-1:
  • Module 1: Introductions and Course Overview
  • Module 2: Introducing XenDesktop
  • Module 3: Configuring the Hypervisor for Desktop Delivery
  • Module 4: Installing and Configuring XenDesktop
  • Module 5: Managing Desktop Catalogs and Groups
  • Module 6: Customizing the User Experience
  • Module 7: Monitoring XenDesktop Sites
  • Module 8: Streaming Desktops to Virtual and Physical Machines
  • Module 9: Creating a Shared vDisk
  • Module 10: Administering Provisioning Services Components
  • Module 11: Delivering Local VM Desktops

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