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VMware vCloud Director: Install, Configure, Manage [5.5] afholdes både i Kbh, og Århus

This course demonstrates to technical personnel how to deploy VMware vCloud® Director? for a small private cloud environment and manage the ongoing operation of the deployment. The course focuses on the private cloud in an engineering or quality assurance solution. The course covers all of the fundamentals needed to install, configure, and manage any small private cloud with vCloud Director. This course is the prerequisite for other courses that cover more advanced vCloud Director configurations in enterprise deployments.

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Consultants, systems engineers, datacenter administrators, and cloud administrators


VMware vSphere: Install, Configure,Manage [V5.0]
VMware vCloud Director:Essentials/Fundamentals [V5.1]
Solid understanding of TCP/IP networking


After completing this course, you should understand the features
and operation of vCloud Director and be able to do the following:

  •  Deploy vCloud Director.
  •  Manage vCloud Director to satisfy small private cloud business
  • needs.
  •  Configure VMware vSphere® storage to enable multiple tiers in
  • provider virtual datacenters.
  •  Create and manage vCloud Director organizations and vApps to
  • satisfy business needs.
  •  Create and manage vCloud Director catalogs.
  •  Configure networking for organizations and VMware vSphere®
  • vApp(s)?.
  •  Interface vCloud Director to Microsoft Active Directory servers.
  •  Understand the interactions between VMware vSphere®
  • Distributed Resource Scheduler? (DRS) clusters and vCloud
  • Director.

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