PowerPoint 2010 Basic (conducted in English)


Print kursus This course will equip participants with key skills required to create presentations in PowerPoint 2010. They will also gain an understanding of the program to allow them to progress and develop further.

PowerPoint 2010 is a program that allows you to combine graphics, text, pictures, sound etc to create powerful presentations. This PowerPoint 2010 course will provide you with a sound understanding of the basic, relevant and most commonly used functions. This newly acquired understanding will mean that you are ready to work with Access 2010 independently, in a structured manner and far more efficiently than before.

This course is also relevant for you, if you are working with PowerPoint as a part of Office 365.

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The course is aimed at those who will be using PowerPoint 2010 in their day-to-day work and who need and would like to learn the basic, relevant and most commonly used functions in PowerPoint, allowing them to work independently and efficiently with PowerPoint 2010.

You do not need to have previous experience of PowerPoint, but we assume that all participants are familiar with using a PC and have a level of knowledge equivalent to our Windows (XP, Vista, 7) Basic course.


Kursusindhold Praktiske oplysninger
Getting Started with PowerPoint 2010

In this module you ll become familiar with the interface of PowerPoint. How PowerPoint has been layout and the different views.

  • Learning how PowerPoint is Designed
  • Navigating in PowerPoint Quickly and Efficiently
  • Presentation Views
  • Customizing PowerPoint

Creating a PowerPoint Presentation

In this module you will learn how to build a presentation from scratch. You'll learn how to use PowerPoint the right way with slides and placeholders. You?ll get some tips and tricks, how to effectively build and work with your presentations.

  • Learning to Create a Presentation from Scratch ? the Right Way
  • Working with Slides and Placeholders
  • Charts
  • Outlines in PowerPoint 2010

Graphics in Presentations

In this module you will learn how to create a visual presentation using all kinds of graphics.

  • Inserting, Managing, Editing and Formatting Graphics in Presentations
  • Slide Layout of Content Objects
  • Pictures
  • Multimedia Clips
  • Photo Album
  • Tables in PowerPoint 2010
  • Diagrams - Graphic Presentation of Data
  • SmartArt - a New Way to Create Professional Graphics
  • Shapes - Using the Various Drawing Tools Effectively

Formatting and Design in PowerPoint 2010

In this module you will be introduced to the master and learn formatting of text, paragraphs and backgrounds to make your presentation more appealing.

  • Introduction to Slide Master in PowerPoint - the Correct Way to Format
  • Formatting Text, Paragraphs, Placeholders and Charts
  • Background Formats in PowerPoint 2010
  • Introduction to Themes ? Creating a Quick and Stylish Design

Printing and Slideshows

In this module you will learn how to customize your presentation before use, using headers and footers, transitions and animations. You also learn the different possibilities running your presentation as a slide show.

  • Notes - Adding Notes to Your PowerPoint Presentation
  • Page Setup
  • Page Headers and Footers
  • Printing the Presentation
  • Slideshows in PowerPoint 2010
  • Slide Transitions - Effects Between Slides
  • Animations - Adding Effects to the Slide Content

Help and Keyboard Shortcuts

In this module you will get an overview of keyboard shortcuts and key tips.

  • Using PowerPoint Help
  • Excel Standard Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Accessing All Commands from the Keyboard Using Key Tips

A combination of theory, in-depth questions and practical exercises is designed to give participants the full benefit of the course. To support these exercises you will be given comprehensive course materials.

In order to maintain and develop your product skills we recommend that you use the course materials as a handy reference guide after the course. If you require more help, you are always welcome to contact our tutors with more in-depth queries etc.

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Varighed 1 dag
Bemærk Kurset udbydes af IDG som kursusfacilitator for en Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
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