Core Solutions of Microsoft Skype for Business 2015 (70-334)

Vi har udviklet denne kursuspakke bestående af de tre elementer beskrevet nedenfor på hver fire dage. På kurserne kommer du helt i dybden med Microsoft Skype for Business - et område som er i rivende udvikling.


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Plan and design Skype for Business (30-35%)

Plan Skype for Business site topology
Evaluate user distribution for central and branch site design; associate workloads to business requirements; analyze business requirements and capacity requirements; plan Skype for Business architecture; analyze and design Skype for Business SIP domains including shared SIP namespaces(Split Domain); plan for Skype for Business Online dependencies

Plan Skype for Business Server support infrastructure
Define certificate requirements for internal servers; analyze and design load balancing, plan for DNS, SQL, AD DS, and file store; assess network requirements including ExpressRoute; plan for optimal conferencing traffic, capacity, and QoS support; estimate network usage and capacity including internal network and Skype for Business Online service requirements

Plan Skype for Business Servers
Define server roles; analyze hardware requirements; determine storage requirements for archiving and monitoring; determine operating system version requirements; determine operating system dependencies; define virtualization requirements

Design a Skype for Business Server high availability/disaster recovery (HA/DR) solution
Design a strategy for central and branch office scenarios, resiliency, SQL mirroring, SQL AlwaysOn Failover Clustering Instances and SQL AlwaysOn Availability Groups, Persistent Chat, load balancing, and Geo DNS; define failover scenarios

Design conferencing
Design dial-in conferencing including conference access numbers and conferencing regions, conferencing lifecycle, conferencing policies, video interoperability server (VIS), Office Online Server (OOS), and Skype Meeting Broadcast

Design Skype for Business remote and external access using Edge Services
Design federation including Skype consumer connectivity, Skype for Business Online, and XMPP; design for mobility; design for directors; design for remote user access; define certificate requirements for remote servers; analyze and design firewall requirements, load balancing, DNS, and reverse proxy, split tunneling strategies

Plan for Skype for Business clients and user experiences
Plan contact list management, client version control, privacy, Address Book web search/download, Skype for Business mobility, client authentication options, Skype for Business users for VDI, and corporate access to Skype for Business Online; design for client UI experience; plan for Skype for Business room system

Plan migration and upgrade from previous versions
Plan the migration sequence; plan for in-place upgrade; decommission old servers; monitoring and archiving server roles; plan for co-existence with previous server versions; upgrade from mirroring to AlwaysOn.


Deploy and configure Skype for Business (30-35%)

Configure and publish topology
Create Skype for Business roles; create gateways and trunks; add/remove server features; deploy Edge Server; deploy SQL HA options, create Office Online Server

Configure conferencing
Create PIN policy, regions and conference dial-in access numbers, meeting configuration, conference policies, mediation server co-location, and trunks and gateways; configure Skype Meeting Broadcast

Configure Skype for Business remote and external access
Configure federation, including Skype consumer connectivity, Skype for Business Online, and XMPP; configure mobility policies and remote user access policies; configure load balancing, DNS, and reverse proxy

Deploy and configure clients
Configure Skype for Business client features, client policies, and client security options; deploy Skype for Business users for VDI; deploy Skype for Business room system

Migrate and upgrade from previous versions and/or Skype for Business Online
Consolidate servers to a supported single version; move users; migrate Response Groups or LIS; move CMS or File Share Data; transition to SQL AlwaysOn; perform in-place upgrade; configure clients for Skype for Business Online; enable or move users to Skype for Business Online; migrate user settings; migrate to Skype for Business Online

Configure HA/DR
Configure pool pairing, configure Geo DNS for site failover, configure SQL HA

Deploy and configure monitoring and archiving services
Deploy monitoring reports; configure CDR and Quality of Experience; configure archiving storage; configure archiving and eDiscovery with Exchange including Exchange Online, archiving policies, Media Quality Dashboard (MQD), and server-side conversation history

Deploy and configure Persistent Chat servers
Implement chat history, room management URLs, HA and DR, user policies, room design, and ethical boundaries.


Manage and troubleshoot Skype for Business (30-35%)

Manage and troubleshoot conferencing and application sharing
Manage and troubleshoot Conferencing Auto Attendant (CAA), Conference Announcement Service (CAS), contact objects, and conference directories; troubleshoot web scheduler, multipoint control unit (MCU) health, simple URLs (join launcher), UC add-in for Microsoft Outlook; manage and troubleshoot multi-party video, server resources, media relay, and third-party interop; troubleshoot Microsoft PowerPoint presentation connections, Office Web App server configurations, and dataproxy; troubleshoot Skype Meeting Broadcast.

Manage and troubleshoot sign-in, presence, and client configuration
Manage and troubleshoot DNS, certificates, registration, network connectivity including ExpressRoute, authentication, and auto-discover; manage and troubleshoot aggregation (OOF, calendar, machine, and user), enhanced privacy, subscriptions, contact list, and privacy relationship; manage and troubleshoot file transfer, policy assignment, URL filtering, client version filtering, GPO, and Skype for Business Online

Manage and troubleshoot federation and remote access
Manage and troubleshoot federation, including Skype consumer connectivity, XMPP, and Skype for Business Online federation types (open, direct, and enhanced), federation policy, and legacy interop; troubleshoot mobile auto-discover issues, mobile device usage issues, mobile callback feature, push notification, call establishment, and mobile conference data

Manage and troubleshoot Address Book
Configure Address Book; troubleshoot normalization, local versus web lookup, internal file download, external file download, Address Book generation, and contact merge

Manage and troubleshoot high availability and resiliency
Manage and troubleshoot the backup service, server storage replication, and file share replication by using DFS; manage single server failure (Skype for Business, SQL); manage data center failure, including CMS and branch survivability; backup and restore application service data; manage filestore data and contacts; maintain and recover Skype for Business topology; recover CMS

Identify issues by using troubleshooting tools
Interpret Skype for Business monitoring reports, and identify potential issues; configure synthetic transactions; test connectivity with PowerShell Test cmdlets; configure core reliability and media quality monitoring; verify service health and CMS replication; recover from failed server build; analyze event viewer; enable Best Practice Analyzer; verify name resolution; identify issues using CLSlogging Scenarios; use Snooper for log analysis; identify issues using a network packet analyzer, CLS Logger, Event Viewer, and Performance Monitor; analyze signaling and media call flow for Skype for Business for online users; validate connectivity for online users; use Microsoft Online Services Diagnostics and Logging Support Toolkit

Manage and troubleshoot topology and dependent infrastructure
Enable or move Skype for Business users; configure role-based access control (RBAC); manage and troubleshoot DNS; manage RGS delegated administration; troubleshoot database synchronization issues, including SQL HA and LYSS replication, topology replication, IIS, user placement, and RBAC rights assignment; troubleshoot certificates

Manage and troubleshoot Persistent Chat servers
Manage categories, scope, chat rooms, room access, compliance, and add-ins

Audience Profile

  • Candidates for this exam are IT consultants and telecommunications consulting professionals who design, plan, deploy, and maintain solutions for unified communications (UC). Candidates should be able to translate business requirements into technical architecture and design for a UC solution.
  • Candidates should have a minimum of two years of experience with Skype for Business technologies and should be familiar with supported migration scenarios.
  • Candidates should be proficient in deploying Skype for Business solutions for end users, endpoint devices, telephony, audio/video and web conferences, security, and high availability.
  • Candidates should also know how to monitor and troubleshoot Skype for Business using Microsoft tools. In addition, candidates should be proficient with Active Directory Domain Services, data networks, and telecommunications standards and components that support the configuration of Skype for Business.
  • Candidates should be familiar with the requirements for integrating Skype for Business with Microsoft Exchange Server and Office 365.

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