IT Crisis Management - Cyber Crisis Management - In the event of Critical Incidents


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Learning Outcomes

Not a day goes by without the media reporting some kind of accident, attack, critical incident or in some cases potentially even a full-blown crisis relating to companies’ use of and dependency on IT. Frequently this entails a multitude of adverse consequences for the company, its staff and customers.

Just think of all of the hackers and malware attacks which end up resulting in

production shutdowns and cripple a company for anything from a short to a considerable period of time, and which frequently throw things in chaos - not least in the company’s IT department. Many such companies can avoid the potential pitfalls into which businesses so often stumble when an unexpected incident arises. However, this requires a certain degree of expert preparation and an ability to maintain a clear perspective when it really matters. 

On this course your security planning will be challenged and your ability to cope under pressure will be put to the test by teachers who have personal experience of being in the eye of the storm and having to take key, far-reaching decisions in high pressure situations in which their brand, credibility, operations and production were at stake.

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The course is aimed at
CISOs, CSOs, IT Managers and others with IT management responsibilities, including:
Managers in charge of IT departments, support functions, help desks, outsourcing
Middle managers and group managers
Staff with responsibility for business-critical IT management and solutions
IT staff who wish to gain a better understanding of their role in crisis situations
The course is well suited to attendance by several employees from the same company.
The course is also offered as an on premises course.


Course Requirements
Participation on the course does not require any previous training, but a relatively high threshold for stress is an advantage!
This is NOT a IT technical training course, although a basis understanding of IT infrastructure and
business will be an advantage.
You will be expected to actively participate in the teaching and exercises.
Course materials will primarily be provided in English.

Regardless of whether you come from an organisation with extensive business-critical systems and a large IT infrastructure, or from a smaller organisation engaged in e-commerce and
standard use of Office suites, you will benefit greatly from the course.


Course Content

On the course you will receive a practical and theoretical overview of real-world business-critical
incidents and a possibility of testing your own knowledge and abilities in a range of exercises and
assignments. Depending on the knowledge and experience of individual participants, the class will be presented with
various scenarios which require management on the basis of the methods and models covered on
the course. You will be guided through the course, and together with your fellow participants will gain invaluable
experience which you will be able to apply in practice after completing the course.

You will learn more about:

• Critical infrastructure
• Business and customers versus technical requirements and possibilities
• Prioritisation, escalation and reporting
• Scenario planning
• Crisis management crisis organisation
• Risk management and impact assessment
• The key aspects and elements of crisis management
• Information and internal/external communication
• Stakeholder management
• Management in high pressure situations and the psychology of decision-making
• Preparation of plans and procedures
• Standards and best practice
• The contents of a ‘crisis management package’
• “What to do when the shit really hits the fan…”

What you will take away from the course:

We are certain that you will go home with a fresh new perspective on how you and your organisation
can improve your existing crisis planning and organisation. You will be ready to instantly
implement a great deal of what you have learned and to take the lead after
gaining first-hand experience of having to take decisions under pressure as part of the course.

You will likewise come home from the course equipped with a toolbox of practical and operationally applicable
methods and templates which will enable you to improve your ability to manage both minor and
major crises in a professional manner by applying methods which have proven successful at other



Your teachers:

We are delighted to be able to introduce two internationally-recognised and highly-experienced instructors to the course.

Ken Bonefeld Nielsen CEO, Bonefeld Business and Brand Protection. Many years’
experience of crisis management ranging from management of major and minor international incidents encountered by
the Armed Forces, the telecommunications and IT sector, the pharmaceutical industry and not least a role with Sony Mobile’s
global crisis management. Has trained international top management in crisis management.

Christian Thygesen Partner, Rezilienze. Many years’ experience of developing
international crisis management organisations and business continuity for among others Vestas.
Management of critical incidents domestically and abroad and training of staff and management in
crisis management from the operational to the strategic level.


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