SAP Basic (TERP1E) - included certification - 6 ugers kursus for ledige - på engelsk - godkendt på flere regionale positivlister, bl.a. for Region Sjælland, Fyn, Sydjylland Vestjylland, Nordjylland og Bornholm.

SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is the most widely used system for administrative management among the largest companies in Denmark and worldwide. The latest SAP programs are also aimed at small and medium enterprises. This means that in the future you can get even more enjoyment from your SAP knowledge.
The course, which is primarily held as e-learning, completed with certification, incl. in the course.
The course is approved in several regional positive lists, including the list for Zealand as no 94


Approved for unemployed in the below mentioned regions:
Region Capital, Region Sjælland, Region Bornholm, Region Fyn, Region Syddanmark, Region Vestjylland og Region Nordjylland.

Basic SAP

With this course you get a unique opportunity to obtain a fundamental understanding of SAP, thus improving your job prospects considerably.

There is a great shortage of staff with SAP knowledge.  With a SAP certification you are closer to your your goal for employment with one of the large SAP companies a step closer. On you can always find the most current available SAP-jobs no matter where i Denmark you are living. This might be arguments for your jobcenter to get the course approved?

Kurset henvender sig til

The course is for those who want a basic introduction to SAP.
This course is in the original language English.
Subsequently, the course is complemented by another module in higher SAP, where you can specialize in directions that covers your workspace.


The SAP Basic course does not require any special qualifications. The entire e-learning part and chat with online support is in English, while the language of teaching days always are in Danish and adjusted ad hoc English-speaking students. You must bring your own laptop PC with Windows operating system, so you are able to work from home with the system.


This course also works if you only speak English.

Why not learn SAP in the original language - English? In addition, all SAP companies in Denmark only use English as the system language. Therefore, it is a definite advantage to take the course in the original language.
SAP is an international system used by large, often multinational corporations who often have English as company language.
In addition, the SAP courses are always held  inEnglish. Therefore you get all terms in English, just as you have the opportunity to train your language skills.

The course qualifies you to take the coveted TERP1E SAP certification.

The course runs over 6 weeks with 4 days of instruction. The courses are therefore a mixture of tutorial / e-learning and team teaching.
On days with the tutorial, you can expect to spend approximately Per 7.5 hours. day.

The sessions include the following:

  •     Set up your laptop and "how the system works"
  •     Finance
  •     Purchase
  •     Stock
  •     Sales
  •     Distribution
  •     HRI
  •     HRII and examination tests as well as info on how to become certified.

The teaching is in Danish on all teams and all instructional materials, introductory videos and support are English. You have the ability to get online support at home 7-23 on weekdays.

Your benefits:
You will be able to explain the organizational structures used in the individual business processes. You can designate the most important master data which must be created to perform the individual tasks, and you can explain the functions required to implement each task. Additionally, you can identify the key relationships between the different business areas that support the individual tasks.

Through recorded presentations, system demonstrations, practical simulations and group lessons you will be introduced to:

1. The basic structures, organizations, master data, etc. is used in the SAP.

2. The basic business processes:

  •      Finance
  •      Controlling
  •      personnel Management
  •      Purchase
  •      Inventory management
  •      Material Planning
  •      Production
  •      Maintenance
  •      CRM
  •      Sales and distribution
  •      Project management
  •      Management Tools / report tools

Do you need more information regarding this course please contact us.
All participants will have the SAP manual for free for this course.

NB: The deadline for registration is one week (7 days) before the course begins. If you cancel within this week your jobcenter will be charged kr. 13,500 + VAT to cover the SAP license.

The course is approved in several of the regional positive lists iincluding the list for the metropolitan area - as course no. 115, Aarhus and Odense and might also be taken via a job plan.

The course can be completed with certification, incl. in the course.
You will also have SAP's own manual in English regarding this course content, off course included in the course price.
Jobindex Courses are SAP Partner. We are one of the only two authorized providers of SAP courses for unemployed



Praktiske oplysninger

Pris: kr. 23.462,- (ex. moms)
Varighed: dag
Bemærk: Registration deadline is one week (7 days) before the start of the course, where we will purchase licenses for all participants approved of their Jobcenter. If you cancel from this day and until the start of the course the Jobcenter will be charged kr. 13,500 + VAT to cover the SAP license etc.

Note that you must bring a laptop with Windows operating system at the course.


Ring til IDG Kurser på +45 77 300 300
eller mail på
for nærmere info angående datoer.

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